Tax Consultation

During a tax consultation, we review and analyze your previous year's tax form and create strategies to save money for the upcoming tax year. The consultation allows you to learn what deductions are of benefit for you; and as I learn more about the nature of your income and expenses, I can unearth other potential tax savings.  

Consultations can also be held to address a specific tax problem you may have; for instance, a need to file an amended return, corresponding with the IRS, preparing for an audit, or dealing with back taxes owed.

Consultations are also useful for life changing events such as having children, undergoing a marriage or a divorce. And consultations are wonderful for , or understanding the tax consequences of a personal or business decision.  

Many of my consultations have addressed investment issues. Knowing the tax laws before you make an investment decision can save you time and money.  

Tax consultations can be held at my office or over the phone. While I have regular office hours, I can arrange weekend appointments for your convenience. For couples filing a joint return, I prefer to meet with both spouses as California is a community property state, but I let you make the decision as to whether you both want to be part of the consultation.  

In practice, most consultations pay for themselves in tax savings, a return that adheres to IRS regulations, and savings in the time it takes to then prepare the actual tax return. (For information on my fees, see location and fees.) Plus, there is often a feeling of relief knowing that an enrolled agent understands your situation and concerns and is able to proceed comfortably and confidently.

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