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Participants in nonprofit organizations often report that board service is one of the most worthwhile experiences in their personal and professional lives. No other position offers the opportunity to chart the course of a profession, trade or personal avocation while, at the same time, helping members discover and develop their own personal leadership skills.

The challenge for organizations is making sure the skills and expertise needed to govern effectively exist sufficiently enough within the leadership. At present, nonprofit organizations are challenged by their ability to first attract and then engage their leadership in meaningful ways. Challenges with diversity of membership and declining membership only add to the urgency of having effective and trained leadership in place.

Associations need to take into account that every participant comes into the organization with prior knowledge and experience; including those who assume leadership roles. They become part of a remarkable talent pool. Everyone in this community possesses skills, abilities, talents, and experiences waiting to be tapped and in some cases further cultivated for leadership purposes, whether or not the participants obtain formal leadership positions.

Throughout my professional career, I have become an expert and advocate for building capacity in nonprofit leadership. Currently I have partnered with the Melos Institute, and I am working with them as a research fellow in leadership development and continuity. One of the fruits of this partnership is my most recent article on leadership development:"A New Way to Think About Leadership Development."

If your organization is interested in consultations, presentations, or workshops on leadership development, please contact me.

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