Tax Planning

Many personal and business decisions have tax consequences. A knowledge of these consequences helps to give a clearer picture of the full costs and benefits of such decisions. Since Congress changes the tax code every few years, it is often necessary to review previously made decisions in light of changes in the tax code.
For instance, some of the issues where you could utilize my knowledge and expertise for tax planning include:

* Buying, selling, or starting-up a business
*Changing jobs or professions
*Children, including adoption, child care, schooling, or special needs
*Determining what assets should be in children's names
*Divorce and Marriage
*End-of-year strategies for paying taxes or other expenses
*Gifts and Inheritances
*Moving locations, including buying and selling a home
*Paying of children's expenses such as child care, schooling, college
*Planning for retirement -- different IRA options
*Receiving retirement income
*Setting up a recordkeeping system that works for you

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