Tax Return Preparation

Your tax returns are filled out professionally and accurately. After I have obtained all of the needed information, you return will be completely finished within two weeks. You receive completed forms for your federal and state taxes. I routinely do electronic filings.

For new clients, the return preparation begins with my examining your previous return and then you and I discuss all your different financial activities that apply to a tax return. These activities may include businesses, rentals, investments or a myriad of other possibilities. After you have explained your unique situation, I will help you see what aspects of the tax laws apply to your return. In this way, you are assured to have a return that is accurate and as advantageous as possible to your situation and will easily pass muster with the taxing authorities.

An hourly rate is used since some returns are more complex than others, even if they do not include many separate forms. I work fast; thus, you get good value for an hour of my time. If you have clean records of income and expenses, then preparation goes more quickly. (For further information on my fees, see location and fees) This quickness, combined with my knowledge of the tax laws, will provide you with tax savings as well as the security of knowing you have filled out a proper tax return. I count on this service to establish long-term relationship.

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