Raven Deerwater has made an immediate difference in my tax returns. In my first two years he saved me money, helped me reorganize my bookkeeping techniques, and educated me to a better understanding of how our tax system works. I feel well taken care of, and I'd recommend Raven to anyone. You will most certainly see immediate benefits.

--Doug Nunn, owner, Large Child Productions


Raven saved us money in two ways: by his low fees and by finding deductions we didn't know about!

--Dorian Stanley


Raven was the only tax professional to help us learn how to do some tax forms on our own, saving us time and money!

--Trina and Kevin Silva, owners, Mendocino Village Florist


In my work with him, Raven was always patient, flexible, and definitely a good listener.

--Don Cruser, teacher, Mendocino High School


I am a resident of Illinois. Even so, Raven completed all our family's tax work in a competent and timely manner. There was one telephone consultation after which the work was quickly completed. Afterwards, Raven gaves us several suggestions about how to keep records, and deductibler expenses we should keep in mind for the next tax year. We appreciated that a lot.

--Jerry Becker, professor, Southern Illinois University

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